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Mysterious Shadow




She glided out of her warm little bed,
Slid on her comfortable golden slippers,
Her dark, long, brown hair was so silky,
Down her delicate back it fell so perfectly.

Looking around the corner of her room,
A strange silhouette had frightened her,
Suddenly, little Suzy burst out with poise,
Without yielding, she followed the noise.

Her unfettered imagination raced wild,
As a muffled sound came from the hallway,
Grasping, nay impression of what it could be,
Atop the creaking stairs she paused carefully.

Focussed to behold beyond the shadow,
To acquire a glimpse of this boggling mystery,
Thereupon nothing could be heard or seen,
She suspiciously pondered what it had been.

She stood in the foyer at the bottom of the stairs,
Realizing as she looked out the old window,
Perhaps, even in time she would never know,
What indeed was the mysterious shadow.

August 5, 1999
Joelle Gauthier