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Mar 2001 to Present 
May 2000 to Feb 2001

Sep 1998 to Dec 1999
Dec 1996 to Jul 1998
Jun 1996 to Dec 1996
Nov 1995 to Jun 1996




Joelle Gauthier
2/574 Upper Heidelberg Road
  VIC  3000
(03) 9458 1229  (Home)
0402 381 328    (Mobile)


Adaptable and flexible
Exceptional negotiation skills
Excellent oral and written  communication skills
Quick learner and attentive to detail
Highly motivated and organised
Positive attitude and great sense of humour
Fluent in English and French
Extremely efficient and resourceful 
Proactive approach to challenges
Enjoy learning and problem solving

Training & Education
Marketing - Certificate IV
RMIT,  Melbourne City
Nov 2002
Mastering Professional Selling Skills Short Course
Monash Short Courses Centre,  Melbourne
Jun 2002
Introduction to Psychology (High distinction)
Open Learning Australia: Monash University,  Caulfield
Sep 2001
Internet Short Course
RMIT University,  Melbourne
Sep 2001
Web Marketing Short Course
RMIT University,  Melbourne
Apr 2001
Practical Manager Short Course
Swinburne TAFE, Croydon 
Jul 1996 to Jul 1998   
Administrative Assistant Diploma (High distinctions in all subjects)
Academy of Learning; Toronto,  ON,  Canada
Software Skills
·  Microsoft Excel
·  Microsoft PowerPoint
·  Microsoft Outlook
·  Typing - 55 wpm
·  Outlook Express
·  Winzip
·  Maximizer
·  Microsoft Word
·  Microsoft FrontPage
·  Internet Explorer/Navigator
·  Various internal  databases
·  Virus protection programs
·  Windows 98, 2000, ME & XP
·  WordPerfect
·  M.Y.O.B
·  Microsoft Publisher
·  Maximizer

·  Act 2.0  
·  HTML  
·  Lotus 1-2-3  
·  Microsoft Access  
·  Photoshop  
·  Microsoft Image Composer  
Employment History

Mar 2001 to Present 
Office Manager
Caden Consulting Pty Ltd; Melbourne, VIC
Caden Consulting Pty Ltd provides professional recruitment services in 
accounting, finance, executive/management and office support personnel.  
The company consists of two Directors who are Chartered Accountants, 
a General Manager and three consultants.  
·  Assisting with client acquisition strategies.  
·  Co-ordinating advertising projects.  
·  Managing the preparation of marketing materials and corporate 
    stationery with graphic designers, print shops and promotional 
    product agencies.  
·  Modifying and maintaining the company webpage.   
·  Researching and implementing online marketing strategies.   
·  Updating and expanding client database.  
·  Managing events within timeframes and budgets.    
·  Researching print media advertising and collecting reference material.

·  Liaising with off-site company for any network issues.  Assisting in 
    diagnosing and repairing problems. 
·  Providing technical support to staff.  
·  Installing and configuring new hardware and software.   
·  Customising the internal database.   
·  Maintaining an efficient IT system.   
Administration Functions
·  Designing and maintaining forms, spreadsheets, templates and 
  office  documentation.
·  Maintaining and organising the upgrade of the phone system.
·  Processing data and maintaining database integrity.  
·  Conducting various research projects.  
·  Preparing client invoices.  
·  Administering the Factoring process of invoices.  
·  Assisting in the development of a procedure manual.  
·  Monitoring and regulating petty cash.  
·  Problem solving.  
·  Participating in weekly production meeting.  
·  Screening all incoming calls.  
·  Managing four diaries, arranging appointments, training sessions 
    and  travel agendas.
·  Anticipating the needs of the Directors.  
·  Typing business correspondence using a dictaphone.   
·  Purchasing staff amenities and office supplies.  
·  Assisting with Superannuation payments.  
·  Preparing skill-testing sessions for Candidates.   
·  Liaising with building management and maintenance personnel.   
·  Mailing cheques to creditors and banking cheques from debtors.

§ Re-structured and implemented new administration procedures, 
      which have eliminated up to several hours per day of wasted time.    
§         Researched and wrote a Privacy Policy.  
§         Settled a major disagreement with our Internet Service Provider. 
      This saved Caden Consulting a substantial amount of money.    
§         Took initiative by participating in several self development programs. 

May 2000 to Feb 2001   
Personal Assistant/Sales
Knight Pneumatics Pty (Redundancy) St-Kilda, VIC
Knight Pneumatics Pty. is a manufacturer and distributor of pneumatic 
product. provided extensive administration support to the Managing 
Director, Andrew Knight.  It was an opportunity for me to learned many 
new skills in a different country.  
·  Gathering referrals and following up prospects.   
·  Developing client relationships.  
·  Identifying client needs.  
·  Preparing proposals.  
·  Updating and expanding client database.  
·  Negotiating with clients and suppliers.  
·  Facilitating delivery of product to client.  
·  Selling products to resellers and to the public.  
·  Responding to queries and following up on any client issues or 
·  Assisting with preparation of sales forecasts, budgets and financial 
·  Managing the Directors’ diary, arranging appointments, training 
    sessions and travel agendas.  
·  Typing and editing business correspondence.  
·  Designing & maintaining forms, spreadsheets, templates and office 
·  Effectively, organizing and prioritising the flow of administration tasks.  
·  Ordering office supplies and furniture.  
·  Re-structuring and implementing new office procedures.  
·  Anticipating the needs of the Directors.  
·  Managing and reconciling bank account.  
·  Administering and reconciling the accounts payables and receivables 
    reports in  M.Y.O.B.    
·  Processing several hundred invoices per month.   
·  Issuing between ten and twenty cheques per week.  
·  Processing foreign currency payments.  
·  Monitoring and regulating petty cash.  
·  Outstanding Debt Collection results.
§         Established rapport with clients, reaffirming that Knight Pneumatics 
      could provide the service they needed.    
§         Re-evaluated and restructured office procedures optimising efficiency.    
§         Designed a comprehensive weekly cash flow spreadsheet.   
§         Self-taught M.Y.O.B. 

Sep 1998 to Dec 1999  
Administration/Senior Receptionist
Imperial Oil Ltd (contract); Vancouver,  BC,  Canada
Imperial Oil Ltd. is Canada ’s largest producer of crude oil.  It is also the 
largest refiner and marketer of petroleum products, sold primarily under 
the Esso brand, with a coast-to coast supply network.  I reported to Alex 
Muir, Business Manager of the Products and Chemical division.  I was 
responsible for all administration duties of three different departments.  
·  Typing and editing business correspondence, Excel spreadsheets and 
    PowerPoint presentations.  
·  IT support to all staff.  
·  Backing up files on server and assisting with retrieval of lost 
    information when necessary. 
·  Responding to queries and following up on any client issues or 
·  Ordering office supplies and furniture.  
·  Responsible for directing evacuation procedures in case of emergency.  
·  Training new staff in office procedures.  
·  Administration of security access system for location.  
·  Processing data, including input of statistical information and 
    preparing reports.  
·  Administering the mailing system, couriers, packaging, distributing 
    internal mail and doing mass mailings using Word for Windows mail 
·  Customizing and designing insert sheets for front covers and spines of 
    company binders. 
·  Assisting with the production of staff newsletters.
§        Arranging all bookings for interview rooms. 
§        Accountable for the servicing and maintenance of office equipment.  
§        Collaborated with staff across the country to implement and coordinate 
      the installation of a new phone system, including training local staff in 
      the use of the system. 

Dec 1996 to Jul 1998
Personal Assistant/Senior Receptionist
Maple Partners Financial Inc (Relocated); Toronto,  ON,  Canada
Maple Partners Financial Inc. provides banking, securities, trust and 
financial services to financial institutions, corporations and individuals 
throughout the world.  I provide administrative support to four partners 
and to staff. Additionally, I supervised the support receptionists.  
·  Supervising support Receptionists.  
·  Managing reception (Meridian).  
·  Implementing a new record management system & assisting in drafting 
    a policy.  
·  Effectively, organizing and prioritising the flow of administration tasks.  
·  Liaising with corporate clients and management.  
·  Training new staff in word processing software and office procedures.  
·  Producing and editing business correspondences, memorandums and 
    PowerPoint  presentations.   
·  Designing graphs, tables, cover pages and forms.  
·  Assisting in the organization of functions, conferences and meetings.  
·  Software support to all staff.  
·  Coordination of new office set-up, including researching, analysing 
    and negotiating prices with office suppliers.  
·  Creating, implementing and coordinating an efficient alphanumeric 
    filling system.  
·  Collecting money for corporate donations to charities.  
·  Proof-reading office documentation.  
·  Ordering office supplies and furniture.  
·  Administering the mailing system, couriers, packaging, distributed 
    internal mail and doing mass mailings using Word for Windows mail 
§         Maple Partner Financial Inc. was once a division of First Marathon 
      Financial.  In January 1997 they split from First Marathon Financial 
      Inc. and became their own company. During this time I acted as Office 
      Manager.  I did so until the company employed a person with payroll 

Jun 1996 to Dec 1996
Customer Services/Sales
Ingle Health (Contract); Toronto, ON, Canada
Ingle Health specialises in a full range of individual and group health 
insurance products.  I was a team member of the customer service 
department.  I answered client enquires, sold health insurance and 
provided basic administration support.  
·  Selling and advising on appropriate travel health insurance.    
·  Photocopying binders, letters and faxing business documentation.  
·  Collating and sending marketing material.  
·  Proofreading office documentation.  
·  Filling out health insurance forms.  
·  Calculating the cost of customised plans.  
§    Always achieved or exceeded the set quota of seven sales per day.

Nov 1995 to Jun 1996  
Office Administrator/Order Desk Quality Update
Fonorola Inc. (Redundancy); Toronto,  ON,  Canada
Fonorola Inc. was a communications company specialising in long 
distance savings.  I was employed as part of a team of ten people in 
the sales and marketing department.  
·  Supervising the evening shift customer service representative.  
·  Responsible for doing courtesy calls to new clients.  
·  Reporting quality control problems to the proper call centre 
·  Software support to staff.  
·  Accountable for the servicing and maintenance of office equipment.   
·  Training staff in word processing and database management.  
·  Typing and editing business correspondence, Excel spreadsheets 
    and PowerPoint presentations.  
§      Quickly adapted to a quality control position, after commencing in 
References:    References available upon request.